Time To Mix It Up…..

Try This routine next time you train.

Chest Workout

For this chest workout, try and contract the pectoral muscles for maximum results. This is key for muscle growth and building a massive chest. You also want to focus on lowering the weight in the negative motion. When your body is able to control the weight, you will only get stronger.

1st exercise: Flat bench press 5 x 6-12
2nd exercise: Incline bench press 5 x 10-12
3rd exercise: Incline cable fly 3 x 10 superset with bench push up until failure
4th exercise: Incline kettlebell fly 5 x 8-10
5th exercise: Low cable fly 3 x 15

Back Workout

On back days, bwgin your workouts with a heavy compound movement – in this case the barbell row. You want to avoid doing a heavy movement like this at the end of your workouts,
because you will lack the energy. Just make sure to properly warm up before moving heavy weight.

1st exercise: Barbell row 4 x 8-12
2nd exercise: Incline machine row 4 x 8-12
3rd exercise: Close grip lat pulldown 4 x 10-12
4th exercise: Plate loaded T-bar machine 4 x 8-12
5th exercise: Reverse chest press machine 4 x 8-12
6th exercise: Close grip seated row 4 x 8-12

Shoulder Workout

For this shoulder workout, start out with some seated overhead presses. Go for the dumbbells, because he utilized the barbell later in the workout. It helps to mix up the equipment, in order to keep your body guessing. The last exercise is a great burnout set, because you can hit your rear delts when they’re exhausted.

1st exercise: Seated dumbbell overhead press 4 x 8-12
2nd exercise: Front dumbbell raise 4 x 12-15
3rd exercise: Barbell overhead press 4 x 8-10
4th exercise: Single arm dumbbell front raise 4 x 12-15
5th exercise: Cable reverse rear delt fly 4 x 12-15

Leg Workout

Before each leg day, go through an extensive warm up routine. Don’t focus on the number of sets, but rather go until your body feels warm. Seated leg extensions and lying hamstring
curls are the go to exercises. When you are ready, move on to working sets of squats.

1st exercise: Barbell squat 5 x 6-12
2nd exercise: Barbell walking lunge 4 x 10 (each leg)
3rd exercise: Hack squat 4 x 12-15
4th exercise: Leg extension 4 x 10-12
5th exercise: Lying hamstring curl 4 x 10-12
6th exercise: Standing calf raise machine 4 x 15

Arm Workout

There is very limited rest in between
sets and it focuses on intensity. For your warm up sets, really focus on stretching out the arms – especially the triceps. You want to avoid lifting too heavy early on and getting injured.

1st exercise: Triceps rope pulldown 4 x 15
2nd exercise: Incline EZ bar skullcrusher 4 x 12
3rd exercise: Cable overhead extension 4 x 12
4th exercise: Standing cable curl 4 x 10-12
5th exercise: EZ bar preacher curl 4 x 8-12
6th exercise: Single arm cable curl 4 x 8-12
7th exercise: Single arm triceps extension 3 x 8-12 superset with reverse grip cable curl 3 x 8-12

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