Summer Body

4 quick tips to fast track a healthy summer body

Summer is upon us and you might be thinking about how to get your summer body in shape fast. Some may consider hardcore workouts and quick fix remedies but you don’t have too. There are a few simple tools you can use this summer to tighten, tone and feel happy in your summer body without pushing yourself and your body to the extreme.

Here are 4 quick tips to fast track a healthy summer body:

1. Eat for fuel

Sometimes when panic sets in, calories drop in an attempt to lose weight and tone up quickly. However, this often doesn’t work as a lower caloric intake can reduce energy, mood and even fat burning potential. Want to lose weight and tone up fast? Start eating high density, nutrient-rich meals that give you the energy, sustenance and motivation to move toward your goals.

2. Choose full body workouts

While we all have areas that we would like to tone and reshape, spot training these areas may not be the best remedy. Choosing higher intensity compound exercises such as push-ups, squats, plank variations and mountain climbers can increase the overall strength and tone of the body quite quickly, even those hard to train areas.

3. Add weights

Gone are the days when long-winded endurance activity was the way to lose weight. In fact, some types of cardiovascular activity can deplete muscle stores and reduce the tone of the body. Always choose some body weight/resistance exercises and/or use dumbbells to strengthen, tone and tighten during your workouts.

4. Use the 7 Day Shift

The body needs change just as much as we do, and keeping variety in your workout is one of the fastest ways to accomplish fat loss goals. Choose a different program at the gym each week or add new exercises to your workouts that you circle every fortnight. By changing things up every 7-10 days, your body will be challenged to move and adapt, causing it to work harder and you will reap better rewards. No matter where you’re at on your path to your goals, moving forward with these quick tips will have you feeling more energetic, burning more calories and shaping your body this summer.