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Kodie has been training at OutFit24 since May 2018. She has achieved such amazing results in a very short period.
“Huge shout-out goes to Kodie for her EPIC transformation”
✅ She was extremely accountable
✅ Turned up 5 times each week and  gave it her absolute best
✅ Ate delicious meals every week that we wish we ate, while never counting a single calorie!
✅ Completed two weight sessions, 1-3 intense cardio sessions and light cardio to balance everything out, equalling only a handful hours of exercise per week.
She did this all while juggling a full-time job and competing in Cheerleading.
The photos speak for themselves.
She has completely transformed her lifestyle, which has led her to an exciting new career and now given her the tools to eventually get into the Police Academy.
Proud is an understatement, seeing what she has achieved is amazing and knowing we played a small part in it is pretty cool
“The goals don’t stop here – Onwards & upwards”
You can achieve amazing results too, simply pop down to OutFit24 for a chat and let us guide you to a new you. We are here to help.
The best time to start your journey is in winter. Our cozy, family-friendly, non-intimidating environment is perfect for everyone.
Visit www.outfit24.melbourne

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